We are so lucky to have the coolest members around! Our Halloween kids party was a blast.

The night before the party, we had a team of volunteers help us take out all the mats and decorate the place in some scary (not really) Halloween decorations. The next day we packed the place with tons of kids in their adorable, and sometimes hilarious, costumes, and even some parents who were good enough sports to show up in their Halloween gear too!

Between the pinata, raffle contests with uniform prizes, games, and DANCE CONTEST, we spent the day enjoying each other’s company and falling on the floor laughing. By far, the most memorable moments were the dance contestants. Those kids have moves on and off the mats! It was so heart warming to watch them let loose and grow closer as a team.

At Prime, we train hard and love hard too. We love our team and our members, without whom we wouldn’t have such a happy training home. Thanks to all of you who showed up and made priceless memories with us!