You’re not the only one who’s noticed the shrinking mat space at Prime. We feel you, and we’ve noticed it too. We’ve actually been trying to get into a bigger building in the same area for months and months now, to no avail. So fingers crossed- it looks like we may have found our new home!

In the last couple months we’ve had a few adults classes with 40+ people, and the kids classes are once again packing out in spite of the fact that we’ve added 1 additional kids class per day in the past year! We’ve added some morning classes too, but the evening classes are still maxed out.

We will know within about a week if the new location we’ve scouted is something solid we can count on. As soon as we have something under contract, we’ll let the cat out of the bag and fill you all in on the details of the major upcoming expansion and amenities we hope to add to the new facilities.

So far, we can promise that it’s VERY CLOSE to where we are now. It’s also much closer to some great places where the parents can get some shopping done, or just hang out at while their kiddos are taking classes. Until we know for sure, THANK YOU ALL for your unbelievable support and patience. You can count on us keeping you in mind while we plan the comforts of the new location!